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Re: PlanetSide as a Leadership Skill

Originally Posted by Mag View Post
Ha! This is actually my father's blog. He shot me an email this morning saying that he'd mentioned me in it. Glad you all enjoyed the read. Here's the article in its non-rehosted format.

At any rate, the outfit back in those days was Strength and Honour (We were NC on Markov, and I recognize more than a few names around here of outfits and folks we'd coordinate with pretty routinely).
SnH is still together, largely with the same base membership these days, though we've moved on to other games while waiting for PS2.
That's pretty cool of your dad and I agree with him 100%. I work for a construction company and I attribute my management skills to those that I learned from running and leading my outfit in planetside for over 7 years while in highschool and college.

It also taught me how to talk shit and cuss like a sailor too LOL. But I'm not complaining because I work for the railroad and it helped prepare me for that side of it

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