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Re: GPU Accelerated Physx Confirmed?

Your CPU can do physX just as well. The only difference is it can offload the work to the gpu if you have nvidia, and only on a very very very small list of games that includes PS2. Unless you are bottlenecked by your cpu then you dont need Nvidia. Currently ps2 is badly optimized so it would help, but once they get it right, it shouldnt matter much. And if you happen to have a game thats bottlenecked by your gpu, then you wouldnt want the physX on your gpu but on your cpu like any vid card can do.

In short its not simple and rarely ever matters since so few games use the hardware version. It also depends on your system specs and the games and settings you play at. Either brand will be fine. However, if price and performance are exactly the same and your main concern is PS2, then yeah go with nvidia because it is gonna run slightly better because of their bias in this particular game.

BTW, I have a Nvidia gtx 580 with physX in my main pc and a second rig with an AMD card, so i can speak from experience.
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