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Re: There is a new Tutorial

Glad you like it! Its a lot more challenging to make a good tutorial than it seems.

We have had plans to reward players with XP for each step to gel reinforce and to teach xp-> certs.

We don't put players in VR for a few reasons, the most important of which being they just spent a while downloading and then 15 min in a tutorial; they need to see action. The end of the tutorial teaches them how to get into action anytime and when they log in a second time. If we put them in VR some would get lost and confused and quickly bore of fighting non-responsive targets. They would want to know where the fight is and how to get to it. Its also important they get out and see the scale of PS2 and get to the meat of the game.

As it is 15 min is as long of a wait as they should ever have for that. Other concepts should be taught while playing, and we have more learning features planned for that.
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