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Re: There is a new Tutorial

Good to hear from you again, maestro. Glad to hear we're making progress on the user-friendliness front.

As long as we're getting a tutorial that grants newbies the chance to reap sweet XP as they complete it, how about a playground for them to complete it in? You could lift the VR areas verbatim and plop empire-color-coded versions of them on little islands in the ocean and let that be their user-friendly sandbox. Heck, you could even attach one or two rotating warpgates to let them travel into the war-torn battlespace beyond, for easy access. It might even eventually prove a good place to mass your empire's forces and admire your own serried ranks and argue where you should go.

And you could call them... uh, I dunno.... 'sanctuaries.'

That wouldn't be that much work in development time. Would it...?

No XP for capping empty bases -- end the ghost-zerg! 12-hour cooldown timers on empire swaps -- death to the 4th Empire!

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