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Re: There is a new Tutorial

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post

Also, for clarity the current Tutorial has been in for months, but got a significant extension back in GU12 where jump pads, tanks, generators, and vehicle driving was added.
Lol, really? Why did nobody mention this? As i said it's really good and with it that "newbie experience" is pretty much covered imo.
I hadn't made a character in ages and untill i saw it a few days ago i thought people still get droppodded to their doom (or spawn squadded in a random base).

And since we as the community tend to be vocal about the games shortcomings and misdesigns, i think it's also important to point out when something has been done right and works very good. That's why i was surprised i haven't seen a thread about this.

With the tutorial and performance set, i would even go as far and say that the "shooter" part of this game is pretty much complete now (call-of-duty-ish and "deathmatchy" though it may be).
So hopefully, aside from the usual balancing stuff, we can now finally, please, get the darn planetside concept into this beast. PA-LEASE.
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