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Re: Roadmap Resource Revamp & Continental Lattice Updated

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Going to start with the nearest facility and see how that works out. If that creates too many weird situations then we may consider using the adjacent facility with the most power, which would provide attacker advantage if the attacker had multiple connections to a facility. That would however make it significantly easier to attack and may make resources irrelevant in such situations. That's why I want to see how nearest facility works first.
You mean adjacent bases, as in... adjacency system adjacent, or lattice connection adjacent?

Making it adjacency like from the adjacency system, so that if there was a solid front line, with multiple geographically adjacent bases, would mean attackers would have a strong base to pull from, and might make combat rather interesting.

Further, to add a buffer in so that defenders don't loose out too quickly, adjacent bases to the base being defended could have energy drawn from them.

Just throwing out ideas.
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