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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by EASyEightyEight View Post
Y'see, THAT's the problem. No one is supposed to be completely self-sustaining in any one role.
Um... tank driver + engineer = completely self sufficient. Wondering, who says no one is supposed to be completely self sufficient at ONE ROLE?

Originally Posted by Aractain View Post
Its not really about teamwork from my point of view. Its about gameplay. If everyone is self suffient there isn't as much variety in gameplay. The devs literally can't add more features to the game for the fear of overpowering the super soliders.

Your setup is 3 major areas of gameplay all in one with no disadvantages. A good game design gives you meaningful choices with trade offs and because you can't do everything you can make everything more powerful and more fun - putting more depth into each skillset.
So I just spent all of my certs on HA/AV/MED/ENG, how does adding more certification options overpower me, exactly? I'm out of certs!

No major disadvantages? I have no transportation. I have no hacking ability. I have limited medical abilities. I have limited engineering abilities. I can't snipe. I can't area deny via special assault.

I fill one role: soldier. What is wrong with this? (BTW, what is this third area of gameplay that I can fill? I can fight indoors and outdoors... that's two. And the second a half decent tank driver comes by I'm dead outdoors)

It's like you guys hate any one who has a different playstyle than you or something. There's no need to change something you don't like. I don't like maxes but you don't see me campaigning to get them removed, because I understand other people like to do other things and I'm okay with that. instead of nerfing the individual how about we BUFF teamplay?

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