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Does the 7 day trial allow me to register my account and then start the billing after the trial ends or do I have to purchase the game? You have to buy it, got to get there bit of money.

What are the benifits to each server, besides local and timezones? (Pop of each clan, mature and fair players, active Admins or devs, ect...) Different time zones mainly

Can VS hovertanks go over water? Yes

Can any other tanks go over water? No

How is server stability? Seems ok to me, tho a bit laggy in big battles

Is the infil suit still buggy? (Ive read of issues with people seeing you as you cloak and snipers picking you out at long ranges) Not bugged, it is the suits elctronics trying to keep up the camelione effect that shows up your outline when moving fast.

Does the game tutorial work? Not tried it

Does flying have joystick support and do they handle like aircraft or boats? No, it used to but taken out in beta I believe

Is the game rather balanced? I think it about right atm, most inbalance comes from more players in one faction than another.

Does the game force teamwork? (Does a well planned assault beat a zerg attack) It can beat a zerg if planed well, xp system atm works a bit against full squads but hopefully next patch will change that.

Is 512 megs of ram enough to run PS? (DDR 3700 one sticK) I believe so

How many charactors am I allowed to have per erver? Four per server and can only be in the one faction.

Does the game have a steep learning curve? I didn't think so, tho your skills (not your characters) get better with pratice.

Is there a third and first person view toggle? Yes

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