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Re: New MAX and Female Screenshots

That TR MAX looks fantastic. The Vanu MAX looks good too.

My knee-jerk response when looking at the screenshot of the female model was that it's not at a very flattering screenshot, but then I realized that's only because I've been conditioned by the overt sex appeal that nearly all video games use when designing female characters. It's refreshing to see a model that looks functional; wearing a uniform that looks like it was designed to actually perform the role we're supposed to believe that she performs.

Edit* Oh hey, there were more new shots outside of the post. I really like to look of the NC MAX. It might even be better than the TR MAX. I think the Vanu MAX is a distant third. It's nice that they're trying to differentiate the armors, but the VS MAX is just so thin that it doesn't look menacing at all. It looks like a scrawny 14 year old boy.

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