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The planetside 2 Beta guessing game.

Quick note, If this is the wrong place to put this please tell me so.

Yes ladies and mentlegen. The long awaited (and by long I mean never) planetside universe topic, the PS2 BETA GUESSING GAME.

Guess when the beta releases!

Winner will get the satisfaction of getting the satisfaction of winning this useless thread made out of boredom.

Your answer doesn't count if it contains: "Soon" or any variations of "Soon" "In a dozen/hundred/thousand/million/[no.of years here] years" "When higby shaves" "When there is a [Insert impossibly rare event here]" "The future" "Later"

Bonus points for being a planetside universe admin.

Even moar bonus points for being a planetside 2 developer unless you troll us.(I'm looking at you, radarX)


Also expect a lot of arnold quotes.
Note: This user is joining the silent majority. Reserving judgement and posts for beta. SOOON.

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