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VS: Long(ish) Range Weaponry

Hi there! Relatively new to the game, but I'm beginning to get the hang of things. TLR at the bottom.

Put most of my certs into LA and Infil as those see the most playtime and I've got those kitted out with weaponry that suits my playstyle. I fare far better in +20m engagements than the insanity that is a 200 pop. Biolab so naturally that pushes me towards weapons that perform better at range.

Which leads me to my question(s):

What primary weapons would you suggest for a predominantly long range playstyle? For LMG and AR, that is.
I have a nice bolt action for sniping and the Artemis + Vandal to fill the scout rifle slots. But it's the weaponry for other classes that has me stumped.

The Pulsar C has treated my LA well, but that's as far as I get. Not a fan of the Orion, but the Corvus feels great on my medic even without attachments.

It seems as though the [email protected] weapons are more suited for range (Pulsar C, Corvus, Ursa/Flare), but being new I'm not 100% certain and don't want to make a dumb purchase with SC or my precious certs.

Is there any benefit to taking a CQC Carbine over an SMG?

That should be everything, thanks in advance!


What are the best options for long range weaponry available to VS?
What traits should I be looking for to define a longer range weapon? (Damage model, recoil, etc)
Is there any reason to use a Carbine like the Serpent over an SMG?

I ADS a lot.


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