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NC stalker infiltrator tips...

I have a NC char focused on infiltrator,i have SAS-R as main weapon with hunter cloak,i get some kills,but i feel better with the mode stalker.

I have the Rebel as the main pistol and lvl 2 of stalker cloak mastered,im going to put to maximum but dunno how much certs i need for the maximum lvl,one guy in game said me that for maximum lvl of stalker cloak i need 1000!!! certs,its crazy.

About the pistol,im going to buy a new weapon with real money,and since im good with shotguns i think that the NC08 Mag Scatter gonna be good for me.

When i say that im good with shotguns i say that i clean a room of 3 guys with the standard Mauler shotgun with the HA without put shield on.

So,with stalker mode of infiltrator and Mag Scatter i think im going to do good work. Still i need to risk in battle because i always played with the hunter cloak,all the time ive played on this char (i dont played much)

Im starting to gain more certs every time i kill an enemy or i gain experience,so i think that im going to lvl up the stalker cloak and master the bouncing betty that seems very useful.

But lets talk about the Mag Scatter,its a good weapon for all i want??? Usually i face the enemy in close quarters with the stalker cloak,but not in large battles,i need to gain experience in those battles.

I mean in solo targets unwarned,with the Mag Scatter i need to disappear,face the enemy in close quarters,appear,shoot 2 shoots of this weapon,kill the enemy and disappear.

Do u think that i can performance in battle with that weapon/skills combo????

Well hopefully u help me to resolve this doubts,caused i dont played stalker mode much.

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