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Re: Test Server Update October 23, 2013 4 PM PST: OMFG Patch

IT'S SO MUCH SMOOTHER. i did not try without smoothing, however, so i guess smoothing was the game changer.
i think that i got more FPS than i would usually (we fought at the crown), however i am not sure. i got about 45 fps on average, on a 48+ vs 25-48 battle at the crown. i need more testing, but i'd say that is an awesome. as i guess, i'd say i might have averaged 35 on live.

also, you can alt-tab without crashing. not to mention, loading is much faster, and also the UI has a bit of a change when it comes to health indicators, when you kill someone, and whatnot.

edit: but for some reason i d/ced and now the server is unavailable.

why Clegg, why? i was just about to get the PDW and shove it up the VS's ass

edit 2: also there were some instances where the FPS counter was not telling me if i was CPU bound or GPU bound at all (not during fights of course). interesting.

Originally Posted by Raxxyl
Just a note that we encountered our first world crash. Working on a fix for it but there may be another crash or two before the new world is up.
oh, okay.

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