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Re: There is a new Tutorial

Originally Posted by synkrotron View Post
As a new player I did this tutorial, a couple of times. In my opinion it still leaves a lot of questions. And although the wiki here is very helpful there a shortcomings there too. I have had to rely quite a lot on my outfit chums to answer my "dumb" questions...
You should get a "top list" of the things the tutorial didn't help you with and post it here. Since malorn seems to be involved in making it and he looked into this thread chances are you might get someone lurking and listening who can actually do something about problems with it.

Personally i never had a problem with starting this game (coming from PS1 and all that), i just happened to see the tutorial for the first time and thought it deserved some positive feedback and credit. I cannot really judge it from a "newbies" perspective though, so real new player experience is likely welcome and more helpful here from a devs perspective.
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