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Re: There is a new Tutorial

It isn't intended to answer all your questions. It's intended to give you the basics so you can go out and play the game with a clue as to what to do. It also covers all of the major gameplay mechanics, particularly those that are not common to all shooters, and especially those that are unique to PS2.

- How to capture a facility (PS2 is a bit non-standard here due to open world)

- Overloading Gens (similar to M-COMs, but not every game has those)

- Movement tools (jump pads, lifts, teleporters, and not every game has sprint)

- Respawning (what do you do when you die? how can you redeploy around to different fights?)

- Equipment terminals (most shooters don't have these - changing classes and resupplying between deaths is a surprisingly foreign concept to most FPS gamers)

- Basics of shooting (while simple, not every game is ADS, spotting, special abilities)

- The classes & how you can use them (MAX in particular are effectively unique to PS2)

- Vehicle terms (most shooters don't have these either, another relatively foreign concept)

- How to deal with vehicles, and vehicles are tough (trying to help avoid the deer-in-headlights new players that think they can kill a tank with a carbine and don't know how tough it really is.)

- Who the good guys are and who the bad guys are and introducing the 3-faction system & friendly fire. (Most shooters only have 2 factions, and most dont' have friendly fire)

- How to get into the fight - warp terminals & Instant Action. (changing maps and finding that fight in an open world is yet another significant difference in PS2 from a typical shooter).

That's what it's intended to teach you. If you're familiar with PS2 you probably won't see anything special there, but those are the major significant gameplay elements and while some are common to some games, its different enough that it causes confusion in new players.

I've had several players tell me they didn't know they could sprint or spot until after they took the tutorial. Easy to take that stuff for granted.

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