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Re: [PSA] What are your top 3 bases or outposts in PlanetSide 2?

I have to think pretty hard. Where have I had my most fun fights? Hm.

1) Snowshear Watchtower

This is from before the Esamir revamp, and now it lasts on to after. Snowshear is incredible because of the ridge surrounding it; it forms a soft-barrier between infantry and vehicle combat that I think should be a model for other bases where the devs want there to be continued vehicle and infantry combat throughout base capture. The fields between it and Palos/Crystal Ridge/Freyr also make for great battles.

Beyond Snowshear, it is really hard for me to choose.

2) Sungrey

I have some of my best PS2 memories in northern Amerish, particularly between Sungrey and NC Arsenal. Like Snowshear, there's some good fields, some good mountains, and a terrain barrier between the base proper and the open space outside.

3) Indar Bay Point

This reminds me of classic PS1 bridge battles with a PS2 twist. Everyone has a real hard time getting around here, so it's just a long, brutal slog over the bridge. The twist is, there's not terrain significant enough to shell the bridge and prevent an advance on either side, save for aircraft. There is however terrain underneath the bridge. A close second to this is Regent Rock Garrison, for different reasons of course, but it's a tower, on Indar, with limited mobility due to its proximity to a cliff--I like that.
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