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Unhappy Black launcher screen.

Hey im pretty new to these forums so i dont really know where to put this but...

I started playing planetside a few days ago and im having a blast, however I woke up today to find that the launcher loads for about 10 seconds then shows a black, black screen. I also found that on both my PC desktop and laptop that I cant access planetside 2's website.
Upon further research I found that I may have been IP banned. This confuses me since I never did anything wrong. From what I remember I played on esamir (because TR captured Indar) abit, joined an outfit, bought the kobalt for the flash then left.

I would wirte an appeal but i cant access the main website, furthermore I dont really know whether ive been IP banned or not, im just rolling off of assumption. Can anybody fill me in on what I could do to fix this? Thanks.\

EDIT: More digging and I found this:

Could I have not been banned this whole time?

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