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Re: Wow. This place really died, eh?

After checking reddit out a bit i just find it to be an inferior way of communication as opposed to a traditional forum like this; No proper structure with subforums, circlejerk post-voting that makes entire postings that don't conform to the hivemind not show up, and an overall tone and style i just find displeasing. Not to mention all the nonsense (What are karma points and why would you need them for communication? Why are they constantly trying to sell me shit on there?) It really just looks like a fad to me with no benefit at all over traditional forums.

PSU on the other hand was the place where the PS1 vets went, and since PS2 still doesn't deliver anything beyond TDM/Domination on a couple of "maps" (I refuse to call those disconnected out-of-bounds things continents) i guess most of the PSU users moved on.
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