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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Seen the family sub thing too, but that can be done in F2P too.

Thing is, milking people is a choice of the people being milked. I've spend over E.500,- on PS1 subscriptions (in fact it ran a while while I wasn't aware I was paying as I wasn't playing... ¬__¬').

I don't come close to that on PS2, War Thunder and World of Tanks, combined.

If you as a developer feel guilt for taking too much from a single player, you could go as far to start sending warnings to accounts. Show a total sum of money spend on the game so far, put up maximum expenditures per month or year or in the most radical situation, you could put a maximum expenditure in at which point (specific) new content becomes standard. Say purchase $80 in cosmetics, all new cosmetics are free of charge for you. Same for subscriptions.

The thing is, only single purchase can stop you from milking someone by their choice. And tbh, I really would prefer single purchases.

Look at Adobe though. If you want to see milking done excessive. Look at Adobe CS.S.
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