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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Originally Posted by Muldoon View Post
A lot of people ask us to do stuff for free, or at a loss, for stuff like that. If we were all rich and making money hand over fist, it would be much easier to get us to do stuff like that.
I hear ya, if i would make that money i'd probably start my own planetside knock-off.

The thing is though, studios usually moderate the stuff they're running on their servers. And quite frankly, that is to be expected. I mean PS1 is after all an official SOE product, isn't it?
Letting PS1 run completely unmoderated just looks bad, the game looks and feels like a crappy emulated server, and everyone who sees or experiences that can get a bad picture of the whole studio that way (I know a couple of people who reacted like that when i showed them PS1; "SOE is letting PS1 run like...THIS? Wow...").

I know making it free was supposed to be a nice move (while also saving costs), and i absolutely appreciate the sentiment behind that, don't get me wrong.
But seeing PS1 in its current state - "Party drops", no Core Combat, hackers you cannot do anything about - and all in an official SOE game...well man, i'm being brutally honest here, you might aswell just have pulled the plug.
If you can't properly maintain a game, then don't do it non-properly.

Tl;dr: Money or not, bloody moderate the stuff you're letting run on your official servers. Or work out a deal with people like Figment so we can moderate it for you.


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