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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

Originally Posted by Muldoon View Post
The other two items on our wishlist are aimed at helping new players. The BR unlocks give them goals to work towards every session they log in. The facility missions will guide them along a base capture. And Then there's Koltyr which is all about acclimating and helping new players.
1) I also wish that those are enough. I'm not being sarcastic or ironic, I really do hope that.

But I have my reservations whether those are sufficient in remedying Planetside 2's systemic problem. What do I mean by that? It simply meant that PS2 deficiency in player experience is that much deeper than being covered with a band-aid like solutions (and again, that doesn't mean PS2 Devs' attempts at helping newbies is not welcome).

But to elaborate, Planetside 2 has:
- Four full continents (and the incoming newbie area Koltyr).
- up to 100 bases in each continent
- these bases are intricately connected by a lattice system
- these bases varying in size and difficulty in capture

If one is to tell that to any gamer not familiar with PS2, the impression will be is game is well thought-out and planned. But upon actual downloading and playing the game. Here's what they are met with:

Lattice system is pointless - What determines if one is to take an A-B path, instead of A-C or A-D?

Answer: Whatever is good for the farm.

There is no logic to the lanes. In addition to that, the redeploy system allows players to jump around to capture empty bases. The game degenerates into whether redeploying enmasse will stop 48+ attackers from trying to ninja an empty bases.

Bases are meaningless - What determines which base to capture? What determines which bases to save? What determines which bases to prioritize?

Answer: Whatever is good for the farm.

After all the objectives have been taken and battle won. What is value of this facility? Practically nothing unless it is good for The Farm.

The Resource System is moot - MMOs like PS2 are supposed to emulate tribal warfare in their fight for territory and resources. This whole concept flies over the PS2 Devs heads.

What is the function of PS2's Flat Resource System? To allow chain-pulling heretofore/used-to-be Resource limited units (Maxes, Tanks, Aircrafts etc.).

Answer: Whatever is good for the farm.

The old PS2 Resource system was designed as rate-limiting to force-multipliers. The new resource system made it all moot since everything can now be chain-pulled.

In conclusion, what is Planetside 2? A gun/gear/weapon levelling pvp.
What drives Planetside gameplay?

Answer: Whatever is good for the farm.

That's what I meant by a systemic problem not going to be solved by telling players to take an objective or a battle rank unlock mechanics.

2) There must be better ways to create Cert sink and not destroy the whole idea of faction war and loyalty.

The whole Black Ops thing will absolutely destroy any form of longterm faction-based warfare.

Other downsides are already pointed out the official forum:
- Spying. This will be used not only for spying, but also for sabotage
- No Rivalries. This is has been pointed out correctly. There's supposed to be rivalry. For a game like this, it's unbelievably lacking. Each account is already allowed to access all empires so a player is induced to buy into each faction.

Now, they are going to allow faction switching at a push of a button, in-game. Wow. They are literally treating this like it's some lobby, queue shooter game.

Instead they can implement something that can help the overall longevity of faction warfare

Example: last year I've suggested Stolen Tech Cert lines ( I can't seem to find the post...)

A player can use an enemy faction's gear so long as they are certed in that particular branch AND your faction is holding the appropriate facilities

Requirement: NC controls 3 Indar Biolabs + 1 Tech Plant + NC player has certed into VS Max Stolen Tech Cert tree
Temporary Benefit: NC Player in Indar can pull VS Maxes (with NC color scheme) as long as the requirements are met.

Requirement: NC in Indar controls 3 Tech plant + 1 Amp station + NC player certed into TR MBT Stolen Tech tree
Temporary Benefit : NC player in Indar can pull NC colored Prowlers as long as the requirements are met.

Many base combinations can be tied to a specific Empire-Specific Stolen Tech lines. (If the Devs wish, they can use a more complex system of allowing blueprints/components carried/installed to and from facilities).

What's the value of the Stolen Tech Tree?
- High level Cert sink (totally separate from owning other Empire characters)
- Giving bases meaning and benefits.
- Players will queue to beneficial continent so they can pull a stolen tech gear. PS2 Devs like continental queue since it gives priority to premium members.
- Rewards faction loyalist. Before, all players are encouraged to use all 3 factions so SOE (DBG) can sell their gear 3x. But what about a one-empire-only players (such as myself). We can invest on the Stolen Tech cert lines.

An NC loyalist can fully cert towards any Vanu or TR Stolen Tech Cert trees. This is a much better alternative to just destroying any semblance of faction identity and any faction-based warfare derived from it.

In summary: Want access to enemy faction empire specific gears? Cert into Stolen Tech trees and capture pertinent bases.
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