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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

If (SOE)/Daybreak is going to utilize a 'Community Council', they have to give up a percentage of their control/decision making.

I doubt they would give up even 1% of gameplay decision to the players.

It's just like the old Roadmap, which they advertised as a "Reddit-like" voting.
On paper, it has a 100% trapping of a pure, classical Greek Democracy, BUT with 0% teeth/implementation.

Basically, players can argue, debate, reason, vote, etc. but they still hold all the cards in decision making. Essentially, they've been selling this illusion that the players have a concrete voice in the game's development. But, about 3 months after the original, comprehensive Roadmap was released, it's obvious the list they made was unrealistic.

Later, I suggested they completely do away with the Roadmap (and I can't find the link..) since it's always a lose/lose scenario, but they still continued to pile on ideas

1) Unrealistic list = unrealistic expectation = tiny fraction implemented = players lose
2) Players get mad, Devs get the blame = Devs lose

Nowadays, the Roadmap is so completely gutted, that it's not even worthy of the name. In short, it's now in a more apt format lol.
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