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If a dude with the name Chocobo is attacking a base, alone, I send a full squad to stop him!
No, really, with LA and armed with a pump action shotgun generation 2, I saw he cleaning a control point with 8 enemies on it! I was one of then!
On a 3x1 he still have more then 50% of winning the fight.
If he dies, we wait in the base, because we know he will pull a Scythe we come back, I think he have a high level of cooldown on it, because he comes back real fast!
There is also the paid2win a reaver pilot that it is the best in hit and run tactic, the run party most of the times. When we are near a NC warp gate he shows up, unload all weapons he got (normally air hammer and rockets) on someone and fly away fast before we can lock on him or start firing flaks, since gu 09 we haven't met him, because I really want to show him the lock on max, he got a great k/d just because he is the best in running away that I ever met.
There is also a couple of scythe pilots that used to camp the TR warp gate on Amerish that I haven't seeing then lately, but is was really bad to get a ESF/Gal/liberator, and as soon as you were out of your warp gate you were under attack by both of then, and you were dead before you could turn back to the warp gate, also the thing that made me more furious, the VS didn't even had territory close to the TR warp gate, they didn't do that to help the VS, they just did that to trolling other people.

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