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An NC heavy called SailorMoon. I don't know if he/she is the best but wherever we are fighting SailorMoon is there and seems to be always shooting me in the face. She is probably the only person that kills me repeatedly in a single battle

Also TIW, The Iron Wolves is the one outfit I HATE going up against. It looks like every member they have is above BR 50 with a few in the 90-100 range. It always looks as if they have every cert filled in EVERY class and vehicle. I swear their vanguards had side armor, shields, cloaking, smoke AND nano repair all at once /exag. I think I put 4 or 5 decimators into one tank and it was still driving around.

VDRS is the only VS outfit that I even recognize. Their specialty is numbers and that is rare for VS on Watterson so I give them props for that.

For medic, I not so humbly vote for myself, Zadexin. I have saved a fair number of hopeless defenses with my level 5 healing tool while laying down the hurt with a fully kitted out NS11. A good medic is a force multiplyer, a bad one is a liability. I can't tell how many times as a heavy I've been rezed at half health and the medic runs off.

Why do I play every faction? Because I genuinely like this game.
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