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Re: Wow. This place really died, eh?

I remember back in early 2011 when the first photos of PS: next came, and the following 2 years of discussing, speculating and digging for more info about the game. That was absolutely amazing, to see the crowd here increase, even so much that it became laggy (which in this case was a good thing, it meant that people were getting their eyes up for the game) I used to check here several times a day just to read any new post or new thread.
Now I have somehow lost touch with the game (mostly because my computer is growing too old to handle it and it gets frustrating) and unfortunantley that has brought with it that I check in here more seldom, which is a shame.
I still hold it as one of my favourite websites though and it has the one of the best spots on my "favourite bar" (yes I use I.E :P )

dont really know why I wrote all this nostalgia, it just came when I read through the thread. Keep up the good work Hamma, this site has given me many good times! this feels like a real website, not just a wall of words like reddit!
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