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Re: Wow. This place really died, eh?

Originally Posted by Dougnifico View Post
With so many high profile devs leaving, declining population, and the snails pace of important content, sadly, this leaves me not wanting to make any further investment in this game. I've put a lot of money in, and it looks like I should cut my losses. Its like stock trading. The future outlook isn't good and there is no track record that gives me comfort. Unfortunately, this means that I don't put more money in so I'm not helping to correct the problem. I'll keep playing planetside, but I'm cutting my losses and hedging my bets at this point.
Is population declining? I invested may be 100+ Euros in 2 years. It is more then I invest in any other games. I play only few hours a week nowadays but on weekends there are always a lot of heavy fights on Miller. So I do not see declining population yet.
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