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Re: The Neuro Report - E3

Originally Posted by hypehype View Post
It should just be removed,

All it does is make the user spam the Q botton before entering any area or when scanning the horizon. What will be the point of night maps if you can 3d scan spot? it removes any skill needed to play.

I know this idea came from BF3, but this is one of the worse things i have seen in FPS.
This video is a good example of what it is like playing BF3 with 3d spotting.
Battlefield 3 - Official 3D Spotting Trailer - YouTube
But... I want to shout out:"There's a douchebag hiding in the bushes with a radioactive twinky!" Everytime I press Q.
Anyways, If it's spotting like: There's his last known postion. 5 seconds till it goes away. Fine.
If it is: I caught a glimpse and now I can see him all the fricking time. Please no.
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