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Re: Stopping SOPA/PIPA in the UK

Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
US politicians are well-known for being sensitive to the concerns of foreign citizenry.

More seriously, contact your Member of Parliament and express your concern over SOPA/PIPA and how it will affect the UK. Either call their office, write a letter, or if you must, write an e-mail. An online petition would never even be brought to the attention of the legislative branch of the US government.
Er, yeah right... I can tell you now that UK politicians care about as much as those in the US.

What's always amused me when politicians come up with these kinds of laws is that they can't be bothered to create ones that are far more useful. For example, in almost all cases people are free to purchase half a dozen copies of a special edition of a videogame, and then sell them for $100s more than the standard price!

A much better proposal is to give stores the power to report such abusers to the studios so they can sue them, under a breach of fair trading. Make the "one item per customer" as law for all special edition games.

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