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Re: DCU and PS2 going to PS4

Originally Posted by Rivenshield View Post
They have zero incentive to care about what we think at this point. The mass-console market is the target audience. Not us. Smed just made that plain.

Three years from now we'll be playing Indarside on two servers while the console servers number a dozen and are buzzing with activity. And if we want to join them, we won't be able to import our existing characters. To hell with us and the money we've spent.

Ah, well. Down the hatch.
Originally Posted by Rivenshield View Post
It's a disaster -- for the sense of community that goes back a decade; for the dead certainty of dwindling PC support; for the old outfits that won't be able to make the transition from one platform to another; for those of us that would like to but will face the specter of hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours of gameplay going into the trash bin, or for the starving-college demographic that simply can't afford four hundred bucks on a new box so they can play their favorite game in good company with decent pops.

It's a rupture within the community similar to what we faced when European players would have been unable to access US servers. We made enough noise to change that. We need to do the same now.
Originally Posted by Tom Peters View Post
This is the worst news I've ever read.

They're going to spend all their resources working on the Playstation 4 version.

Don't count on anymore big updates after this, at least not for a while.
Get your umbrellas mfers because the sky is falling!!

Come on now. In what press release did they say PC would stop being developed? Why do people need to "Transition" from PC to Console? Was the cancellation of the PC version announced and I missed it?

Get a grip - this won't change much from a community standpoint. We will get more folks to drop by probably and take part but overall they will be largely segmented just because of how things tend to fall together.

But the PC version hasn't gone anywhere and isn't. Get a grip.

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