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Re: DCU and PS2 going to PS4

Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
Get your umbrellas mfers because the sky is falling!!

Come on now. In what press release did they say PC would stop being developed? Why do people need to "Transition" from PC to Console? Was the cancellation of the PC version announced and I missed it?

Get a grip - this won't change much from a community standpoint. We will get more folks to drop by probably and take part but overall they will be largely segmented just because of how things tend to fall together.

But the PC version hasn't gone anywhere and isn't. Get a grip.
Now that is a community manager stepping up. STFU people. FACT: PS2 will be on the PS4. FACT: The communities will be separate. FACT: No one here who is authorized to say knows fooking sh1t about any plans as to how development money will be directed.

What I assume: PS4's involvement alone means that more money will go into developing this game. Regardless of not sharing communities, the fact that more people will be playing this game, regardless of PC or platform, will mean more advertisement overall. More support overall. More players overall. I'd fuking love to r4pe console gamers all day and night, but it wont happen. MAN UP and compete with the PC crowd.

BOTTOM LINE: More human beings on this planet will know of PS. A good number of them will be PC gamers. More players = better.
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