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I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets :)

Hello I'm the solo developer of Hunternet a new MMOFPS that supports battles of 700 players without any server side culling or visibility limits. I just released my first alpha trailer that shows a recording of a live network test:

I've been playing multiplayer shooters since the days of Doom deathmatch over a null modem cable . With Hunternet I've revisited all the fundamentals of an FPS in the context of massive 700 player battles. It is neither a military shooter nor an arena shooter, but a unique take on the competitive FPS, that I believe is challenging and deep .

I think there are not enough MMOFPSs on the market and PlanetSide is so different from Hunternet that I don't see it as a competitor, but as another game exploring what kind of experiences an MMOFPS can provide.

This teaser and the website I just launched are just the begining. I plan to release many more videos and write articles each covering different aspects of the game. At some point, I also plan on inviting players for alpha/beta access.

Since you guys are players of the most important (and arguably only) MMOFPS on the market I would really love to begin a conversation . I know Hunternet is not for everyone but after devoting years of my life to get it to this point I really want to start a conversation with other players

I hope posting this is cool with you guys ?

ps. Besides the website another good place to get more information on the game as well as read an exchange I had with a developer of PlanetSide is here:
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