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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

Howdy Ghost Runner

I want to build up the community very carefully and get to know and play with as many members of the community as possible. Up till now I've been playtesting with friends and family and scalability testing with simulated player clients, but the next big step is to open up the game and start building the initial core community The design of the game needs a community to help shape it. The game is fully playable but nothing is set in stone.

I've been a member and founder of various clans/squads over the years so that is very important for me as well. I'm a proud member of the Fighting Irish (an IL-2 sim and Battlefield/shooter outfit) due to devoting myself fulltime to making indie games these past five years I haven't had as much time for gaming outside of my own playtesting .

Shooting is hard in Hunternet, there are no hitscan weapons, all projectiles are fully simulated and inherit full momentum, can be affected by gravity, and you will need to learn deflection shooting to hit at longer distances . The game is designed to be 100% skill based, there are no luck based mechanics and no leveling system all players are on an equal footing. There are currently 15 player abilities (not counting movement abilities). Each ability has as little overlap as possible with every other ability, so there is much more variety than usual.

There are transports in the game, but because the game does not have a military theme they do not look like what you would expect. The idea of the game was to define a shooter purely around the mechanics there has been no attempt to fit any particular theme. The trailer mainly shows of the results of alpha network tests, but it does include little teasers of some of the game mechanics. No one has pointed them out yet, but when you watch it see if you can see the transport.

In the trailer there are 150 different avatar skins. All the art in the trailer is either licensed or my own programmer art. It's the closest I could get to the feel I am currently going for. But in the long term I would like to commision new art made specifically and exclusively for Hunternet. What I want to do with the player avatar is to have a very flexible but easy to use avatar editor (like Miis or XBox avatars) and an art style where your model is one big head with small extremities (and not limited to human models). I want to focus on the players faces as it is the most expressive and unique part of the human body I want you to recognize and remember those you meet on the battlefield from as far away as possible. I also plan on custom accessories that would be clan specific. So for example all members of the Fighting Irish clan might wear a pilots cap, while another outfit might all have matching boxing gloves. The theme is friendly but the gameplay is IMO more challenging than any other shooter I've played.

Be sure to also check out the website as it has information not covered in the trailer. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have .
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