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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

Thanks for trying BeatCrazed , you get a gold star for effort !

Yes, there are teleport pads, they work like the portal gun you get two of them, you can't see through them (couldn't scale that graphically to 700 players). There are also editor placed portals that you can see through, one of them is in the trailer with some AI creeps circling it. There is also the grappling hook like ability that also lets you grab players and has some other nice "features".

The entire trailer takes place in a single world, but that world is connected by various portals, that is why you see different art styles in the trailer. There is portal above the town and that is also the initial spawn point in this map.

This the transport from the trailer (note two miniature players):

The transport is a feature of the teleport gun. If you shoot an enemy with it you would swap places. But if you shoot a friendly you will become shrink in size and become a 360 degree turret within the friendlies shields. There is no limit to how many friendly turrets you can have attached to you so technically you could have a single transport with hundreds of turrets attached (imagine the fire power). You can also combine your tracer ability with the portal gun and then travel through an open portal and teleport to the nearest friendly on your team. This is just one example of the way the 15 player abilities mix and match to open all sorts of strategic options.

The integrated positional voice chat is also a great tool for communicating with your turrets. The UI will also show you the relative position of your attached turrets along with their mugshots when they are within your view.

Let me know if there is anything you are curious about

I setup Twitch streaming today and I hope to use it in the future to help show of some of the gameplay. There are some more details and hints on the site If you are intersted click on "Be a newb again" to sign up for the newsletter and receive all future updates.
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