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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

If the transport is destroyed an surviving players are ejected . When a transport is hit all transported players suffer the same damage as the transport. But each player has their own total health so it is possible for a riding player to die while the transporting player is still alive and vice versa.

You can also merge transports, so if a transport carrying five players teleports to a friendly transport carrying five players, you will end up with a single transport carrying 11 players.

Transported players can shoot teleportation projectiles to leave the transport. Their teleportation projectile must come in contact with the terrain for them to disembark.

Whenever a player dies they leave behind a wreckage. Any player can pick up the wreckage to gain health/energy. There is a short period of time after a player dies during which they or their teammates cannot reclaim their comrades wreckage (otherwise it would be to easy for a transport to pick up wreckage from destroyed turrets).

The PlanetSide 1 system sounds *much* better than that in PlanetSide 2! Am I missing something? Why did they change it?

Great thanks for signing up! Yes please invite your gaming buddies . I'm up to almost 200 subscribers on the newsletter and will email the newsletter when the next Youtube video or article is done.

My plan is to start an alpha/beta test as soon as possible after the Holidays (after New Years). I'm really looking forward to playing with everyone who is interested, it is going to be a blast
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