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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

Originally Posted by cpudreams View Post
Whenever a player dies they leave behind a wreckage. Any player can pick up the wreckage to gain health/energy. There is a short period of time after a player dies during which they or their teammates cannot reclaim their comrades wreckage (otherwise it would be to easy for a transport to pick up wreckage from destroyed turrets).
Cool. So how is the health and/or energy system set up in Hunternet? What kinds of weapon are there? Are there any restrictions to the kinds of weapon that you can use while being transported by another player?

(time to get one player transporting fifty or so, all of which are armed with the least accurate, fastest firing and/or least accurate, most pellets fired in a single shot weapon. Bullet hell in 3D everybody)

Originally Posted by cpudreams View Post
The PlanetSide 1 system sounds *much* better than that in PlanetSide 2! Am I missing something? Why did they change it?
The system in Planetside 1 was absolutely better than in Planetside 2. They had no real reason to change it, but I'm guessing they did it anyway because they looked at the system in Planetside 1 and thought "We can do better!" That attitude has caused nothing but trouble, let me tell you. It wouldn't be so bad if the developers could actually improve on the systems in Planetside 1, but so far there have been small advances and major regressions.

Originally Posted by cpudreams View Post
Great thanks for signing up! Yes please invite your gaming buddies . I'm up to almost 200 subscribers on the newsletter and will email the newsletter when the next Youtube video or article is done.

My plan is to start an alpha/beta test as soon as possible after the Holidays (after New Years). I'm really looking forward to playing with everyone who is interested, it is going to be a blast
I'm excited to play too! That bullet point on your site stating that the game has "Unexpected gameplay, that will leave you feeling like a newbie" is just making me eager to play it and prove that I've played a wide range of interesting games, and that even if none of them map well to this one, I've gone through the learning process enough times to do it quicker than most.
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