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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

I plan on writing up each ability in detail but here is a quick overview.
Weapons from long to short range: Charger, Ricochet, Explosive, Smash, Traps

Charger: Fits the role of a sniper rifle, but works completely different.

Ricochet: The yellow projectiles you saw in the trailer. 100% bounce, highest rate of fire in the game (4 shots a second).

Explosive: Mix between shotgun and explosives. Unlike ricochet it is affected by gravity. Can hit multiple targets and causes vision problems.

Smash: Melee attack, causes blackouts, can lance multiple opponents, also useful for mobility.

Traps: Will float mid-air can be used defensively or offensively. Traps do not damage their target unless that target first suffers damage which will set the traps off. Traps can be transmitted to other players before they are set off by damage.

Out of 15 abilities these are the direct combat abilities. There are more details and nuances to how they work. Other abilities also allow you to damage your opponents but in more indirect ways. For example the grappling hook (aka bungee) can be used to grab opponents and slam them into the ground for crash damage.

All five of these direct combat abilities can be used by turreted players. There are two defensive abilities I had to disable for turrets as they would break the balance of the game. Everything else is fair game. My design motto is to give players as much flexibility as possible

Energy is the single explicit resource in Hunternet. Energy serves the role that health, ammo, and score have in a traditional FPS. Energy ties everything together and touches many aspects of the game. This is just a brief view at the primary energy mechanics. Each player has 1 bar of onboard energy and an energy bank with many bars of stored energy. All abilities and movement mechanics consume onboard energy. As onboard energy is expended players draw from their energy banks to replenish it. Any damage to a player drops onboard energy, if it drops below zero you are destroyed but can respawn if you still have energy left in your energy banks. Collecting the wreckages of destroyed players adds to your energy bank and is how you score. My latest post on the RPS promotion forum has a few more details on how energy ties into match mechanics:!

time to get one player transporting fifty or so, all of which are armed with the least accurate, fastest firing and/or least accurate, most pellets fired in a single shot weapon. Bullet hell in 3D everybody
That's what I'm talking about ! One of the first things I want to do with early adopters is record a video of one player with as many turrets as possible going full bullet hell The first time I can get 700 human players on a server we will have our first 1 pilot 699 turret video for some crazy animated gifs

The system in Planetside 1 was absolutely better than in Planetside 2. They had no real reason to change it, but I'm guessing they did it anyway because they looked at the system in Planetside 1 and thought "We can do better!" That attitude has caused nothing but trouble, let me tell you. It wouldn't be so bad if the developers could actually improve on the systems in Planetside 1, but so far there have been small advances and major regressions.
This is why I want to involve a community from the alpha stage. I wanted to have the game fully playable so that the community could have some fun from day one, but have players play the game early enough so that *everything* is on the table.

I'm excited to play too! That bullet point on your site stating that the game has "Unexpected gameplay, that will leave you feeling like a newbie" is just making me eager to play it and prove that I've played a wide range of interesting games, and that even if none of them map well to this one, I've gone through the learning process enough times to do it quicker than most.
You remind me of myself . I've played all sorts of online games starting in the days of BBSs and all sorts of genres and platforms including old Unix games like Nettrek! I think all that experience has helped me climb the learning curve faster in my own game, but I haven't come even close to mastering it yet . I get my ass handed to me by a good gamer friend of mine most of the time during testing But that is what has got me so excited, I have so much room for improvement and once we have hundreds of players the variety of tactics is going to be crazy (The game is designed so that in large battles the largest team does not have an automatic advantage, if you are good enough there a lone wolf should be able to win a match)

Today I'm starting work on a new blog article for Gamasutra about "Scalable mechanics and how to beat the indie multiplayer curse." I will link it here when it goes live.
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