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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

So cpudreams, from what I understand, this means that if somebody were to receive a K.O. right at the start of the match (when they'd have little to no backup energy) they'd be out for up to 7 minutes plus an amount depending on just how quickly the energy drain becomes harsh. As a (filthy) casual Counter-Strike player I know that getting knocked out right at the start and then having to wait for the rest of the match is quite boring. Do you have any plans on how to alleviate that? Perhaps you could allow players who are doing well and therefore have a lot of energy to spend some of that on resurrecting former opponents to fight on their side. Perhaps there could be an alternate game mode, where dead players are distributed evenly among the remaining living players as turrets, until there are only a few players left, but each player has an enormous amount of firepower orbiting them. For a team match, the dead players would be evenly distributed among their remaining team members, rather than just anybody.

I think those ideas would make it more interesting for living and dead alike. What do you think?

Also, about teams: Are we limited to a specific number of teams, or can we have as many as we like? Can the teams be formed mid-match? A while ago on Zdoom, there was a bug with team assignment which occasionally left people without a team in a team match. It did make things harder, since anybody could kill you including other teamless people, but at least you had enough targets to climb the scoreboard in a hurry ;D It was awesome, too bad it was fixed.
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