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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

if somebody were to receive a K.O. right at the start of the match (when they'd have little to no backup energy)
All players will start with many lives worth of energy in their energy bank. So most players would have to be destroyed multiple times before finally running out completely and turning into a ghost. On the other hand if you are really good at surviving your first spawn might last all the way to the end of the match and your first KO might be the one right before the match ends to a slightly better player. Keep in mind you are destroyed when your onboard energy goes below, and most of the time you would still have banked energy which would then be spent in respawning you. Only when you die and have no banked energy will you be completely out of the match.

Perhaps you could allow players who are doing well and therefore have a lot of energy to spend some of that on resurrecting former opponents to fight on their side.
One of the defensive abilities is Absorb. When active a player absorbs all damage and converts that damage into onboard energy (any spillover would go to the energy bank). A natural side effect of absorb is that you can coordinate with a teammate and have them absorb your projectiles to transfer energy and "heal" them.

Perhaps there could be an alternate game mode, where dead players are distributed evenly among the remaining living players as turrets, until there are only a few players left, but each player has an enormous amount of firepower orbiting them.
That's a really cool idea! I hadn't thought of that I've added it to my todo list, it would be make fun variant!

Also, about teams: Are we limited to a specific number of teams, or can we have as many as we like? Can the teams be formed mid-match?
Bingo I left a hint in the trailer "700 Teams", "700 Players" and you are the first one to figure it out At the start each player is on their own team. One of your abilities is the Team ability. You can use it to surrender to another team or to kick someone out of your own team. So yes teams are formed mid-match, there can be any number of teams of any size.

My goal with teams was to make multiple team sizes viable, from a lone wolf, to a large outfit. A team's score is their energy bank divided by the number of players. You have to be careful who you have on your team as weaker players will end up wasting your energy and get farmed by stronger individuals to boost their energy bank (each team has a single shared energy bank). A good leader may be able to coordinate weaker players better than an amazing player, so I look forward to seeing how this all plays out in practice. A lone hunter could do very well, going after straggling players when multiple larger teams are fighting over an area.

Teams are also carried over between rounds, so the goal is for the same team (could be a team of one) to win multiple rounds to win the match. If the winning team from the previous round changes their composition in the current round then they are considered a new team and their round winning streak ends.

A while ago on Zdoom, there was a bug with team assignment which occasionally left people without a team in a team match. It did make things harder, since anybody could kill you including other teamless people, but at least you had enough targets to climb the scoreboard in a hurry ;D It was awesome, too bad it was fixed.
That sounds like fun, now imagine something similar but instead of by accident, by design Looks like you are ready to be a lone wolf or maybe a run a small elite group of three and take out the large teams of regulars I used to love playing ZDoom after work back in the late 90s, great fun!
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