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[NC - Mattherson] Legio Arctos [LGA]

The Bear Legion was founded during the Planetside 2 Beta, on October first of 2012, to fill the need for a lack of casual yet serious game play. Now operating on the Mattherson Server, the outfit has kept this goal in mind and formed a community of like minded players, ranging from PS1 veterans of various empires to players new to the MMOFPS genre. Our members can get the job done and have fun doing it. LGA is an outfit by the members, for the members, in keeping with the standards of the New Conglomerate. Our bond is strong enough to make former Vanu and Terrans renounce their ways and fight for true freedom.

Legio Arctos is a small outfit, with plans to stay small to moderately sized. Our goal is to do more with less people, and maintain the close friendships made on Auraxis. We run official operations two nights each week (Wednesday/Saturday). The members are also encouraged to run impromptu operations on their own at any time. Put a few Legionnaries together, and things just happen. We stress the benefits of team play and group coordination. We are The Legion; a zerg we are not!

The Legion is not the typical micro-managed group of players. Members do not sign up for dedicated positions, but rather are trained to fill the positions needed, to the best of their play style. Officers use the strengths of each player to form a cohesive whole that exceeds the skills of the individuals. From coordinated Galaxy drops to calling in air support to hold a point, the Legion flows from objective to objective caring more about getting the job done than the job any member is filling.

All members are encouraged to use their preferred play style as their primary duty. It is up to the member to decide what that style is on any given day. Join LGA as Heavy Assault, and discover that you love being the Engineer with the AMS Sunder? We encourage that. As objectives are achieved and combat situations change, players may be asked to change duties for a short time. Whether that is to pull a sunder for the AMS driver to use, or jump in the tail gun of a Galaxy, members will rarely be asked to perform tasks they despise.

The Legion's officers are selected as those with the time, skill set, and desire to keep the outfit organized and functional. Sylvanicus, our leader, organizes and prioritizes, but does not lead in a dictatorial fashion. Most decisions are made from the council of officers, in a democratic fashion. Promotions are based upon individual participation, rather than seniority or associations. Our goal is to make sure the best man gets the job, for the best results.

What We Have To Offer
Overall, Legio Arctos is a just a group of gamers. While we enjoy being successful, we never lose sight of the fact that this is a game, after all.

Most outfits cater to the hard core gamers and run in a militaristic fashion, or the casual gamers with little interest in objectives. For the average gamer the choice ends up as taking on a second job or hanging out with the guys trying to stack vanguards in the warp gate. The Legion fills the gap with the right amount of casual fun and serious objective based game play. We manage to coordinate your type of play style, capturing points, and making a difference on the map, all while making your time in Planetside 2 nothing but fun.

If you've been looking for the right outfit, but have no interest in military simulation, and don't want to be just another number in an outfit so large you will never know all the members, Legio Arctos is the place for you. We don't require you to play a specific number of days per week, our only requirement is for maturity and personality. We want our members to fit in and always feel like a welcome part of the group, while helping them improve their game play and learn to work seamlessly as a cohesive whole.

These are more guidelines than rules and we do make exceptions, but only when there's no doubt that we should.
  • 18+
  • Have/Use a mic
  • Can follow orders
  • No mention or discussion of religion/politics/etc


In-Game Contacts

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Re: [NC - Mattherson] Legio Arctos [LGA]

Updated some outdated info and the like. Also just a quick note: currently if anyone is interested to check us out, we encourage folks to join us for Ops Nights twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 8PM EST.
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