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Old 2004-03-05, 11:34 AM   [Ignore Me] #16

I would add different turrets on bases for different empires.
Instead of Phalax turrets on bases there would be:
All turrets would have an alternate Flak gun secondary fire.. it would be slow firing flak but useful.
a Big ass gattling gun for TR occupied base that would have a very very fast ROF but low damage and it would take 5 seconds to spin up to full speed. (kinda like the gattling gun emplacements in C&C Generals)
A Big gun that fires 13mm bullets for NC that fires slowly but when it hits it does hit hard.
For VS a PPC like energy gun that does medium damage but fires slower than the Mag PPC

Empire Specific weapons:
Design philosiphy (however the heck you spell it)
Same stuff as was origionally intented for the Empires:

----TR: Very #$(*in fast firing weapons with Low COF for a long time before it blooms.
-Pistol: Repeater: Increased clip to 30 Increase ROF 30% Add secondary mode with 3 bullet fire per click. 20 meter range.
-MA: Cycler, Increase the clip to 100, Have it fire 50% faster, Decrease the Bullet damage to match. Add a secondary mode that fires 5 Bullets per click (Like a M16 3 bullet mode). Range 100 meters.
-MA: CLAWS: Replaces Sweeper. (Close Range Assult Weapon) Clip of 40 fires 9mm bullets, with alt of 3 clip grenade launcher. Fires fast, low damage, Max range of 50 meters
-HA: MCG Clip of 200 firing 7.62 MM bullets (new ammo) in packs of 200. Faster ROF than current by 30%, Tighter COF but Lower damage and less bloom. Range: 50 meters
-Grenades: Make frag grenades only Available to TR. (Remove the Plasma Grenade)
-New Grenade: Concussion Grenade.. Does 50 damage to armor only and takes away 25 stamina per hit.
-AV weapon: Striker with 50% faster rockets and fixed Lockon

------NC Fires hard hitting weapons but they loose ROF.
-Pistol: MAg Scatter, Just an increase to Clip to 8
-MA: Increase the Gauss Clip to 40, Reduce ROF by 40% and Increase damage to Comphensate. have Range at 120 Meters and 80% less damage Reduction over range (so it does more damage over range than any other weapon). Add underslung Grenade launcher that only fires the Frisbynade.
-MA: Put Jackhammer in MA to replace Sweeper: Remove the 3 shot in a row secondary mode and replace with a All-in-one 3 Barrel fire (All 3 barrels firing at same time) Range fire (Kinda like the The Scatter max's 3rd fire mode) with range of 30 meters. Reduced the Clip size to 12 reduce ROF to Sweeper standards.
-HA: SledgeHammer (didn't know what else to call it). Fires a clip of 10, 15mm bullets. It hits very hard and its hard to aim (kinda like the old lancer but not as bad) tight COF. Max range of 50 meters.
-Grenade: The FrisbyNade: a Grenade with 10% less firepower of a Frag grenade but it can go very far (80 Meters). Just throw it like a Frisby and BOOM.

-VS Follow the Speed and Versatility
-General: All their weapons are lighter than other empires. They get a 20% speed bonus when moving around with their empire specific weapons.
-Grenade: They are the only empire with Plasma weapons: So they only get the plasma grenade.
-Pulsar: Increase clip to 60. Remove damage degridation at range from this weapon completely. Range of 80 meters. Merge the AI and AV damage so that you have 1 fire mode plus add an underslung Grenade launcher with only plasma grenades. Increase the pulsar shot speed by 30%.
-ScatterStar: Replaces sweeper shotgun: Energy Shotgun, 10% less damage than the sweeper shotgun.
-Pistol: Beamer: merge AI/AV damage decrease range to 30meters and Increase shot speed 40% and remove damage degridation.
-Heavy Assult: SuperNova: Replaces Lasher, Max range 50 meters: Fires an energy orb (bout the same size as a lasher orb but without the crappy figgity graphics it would be a solid orb). No lashing but when it hits the ground it does a 1 meter splash radius from impact and small plasma burn. Clip of 30, the orbs are fast, Medium ROF but medium damage (15% lower damage than the current direct hit from the lasher orb).
-Special: Plasma Rocklets: Rocklets with Plasma in them.

-General: EMP sniper bullet: 1/3 the blast radius of the Jammer grenade and 1/2 the time of jamming a Gun turret on a vehicle than a Jammer grenade does. It adds an additional role to the Sniper. EMP bullets come in clips of 5.

Just my thoughts
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Old 2004-03-05, 06:44 PM   [Ignore Me] #17

I like what you wrote, Sere, it was well thought out and solid. Being an EQ junkie for four years I know what you mean about the frustration vs. the rewards.

In addition to night time, I'd love to see weather affect flight, for example. I would have had up/down drafts, turbulence, and the like. I also would have added some physics to allow for the 'kick back' of weapons. If you fire that Jackhammer in triple shot mode then it should stun you for a bit, or something similar.

Either way, good post!
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Old 2004-03-06, 12:42 AM   [Ignore Me] #18
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i actually had a recent insane idea for sanctuaries and the possibility of using Sanc strikes again. those custom turrets could comm into play in the sanc buildings to make it interesting.
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