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Old 2013-03-07, 06:34 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
The Talron Challenge

Do you friend consider you to be legendary or epic player? Do you have video's of your epic kill streaks and general bad ***-ness? Have you ever made a guide for any of the player classes or done a review for a weapon in Planetside 2?

If you answered yes, then I invite you formally to take on the Talron Challenge!!!

The Talron challenge is an challenge for bad ass players to perform crazy kills and insane stunts. Its name after Talron who came up with it. Challenge participates and Talron himself upload to youtube successful attempts. Winning players get fame, notoriety, other future rewards, and the ability to request the next challenge. Its like a game of HORSE but on Planetside 2. The goal of the Talron Challenge is to highlight the best innovative strategies in PS2

Challenge #1:

Originally Posted by Swatz
Destroy an enemy ESF with only light assault and a shotgun.
  1. The first player who complete's the challenge and win gets the most notoriety. You will get respect as an epic player on planetside. You will get comments and likes on your youtube video from Talron and several of his outfit mates. Talron and other will probably re-tweet you win. Depending on your faction, I will then tweet it to Total Biscuit, LvlCap, or SeaNanners so even he knows how bad ass you are. I will personally tweet to Luperza and other devs individually of your success. People will know your name.
  2. The first 3 players to win, get their videos posted on PSU forums, TXR's forums, and of course these forums.
  3. Everyone complete the challenge gets to tweet a request of what they want the next challenge to be. Almost every request will be considered; however, they are considered on a first come first serve till there are a 10 completely different requests. These 10 will make up a challenge que. Also as you might naturally expect the first 3 winners get priority.
  4. After every challenge we reorder the que list, based on the results of the last challenge. Thus, you can issue a request and your request bumped by being first to win in a later challenge.
  1. Any player who participates in the challenge needs to upload successful completion of the current challenge on their youtube channel. You may include any bloopers or failures. To win, you then need to tweet your youtube video to @TXR_Outfit and/or @TXR_Talron and do step 3.
  2. It is beneficial to include along with your request for the next challenge in that tweet. Also for this we will be using the hashtag #PS2TC.
  3. In addition to the current challenge, to win players must complete or have completed every previous challenge starting with this one. Of course, you need youtube proof on you channel.
  4. You cannot cheat by team killing, using the tutorial, or baiting your friends into being sacrifices. Afterall, team killing is for n00bs.
  5. If you complete the challenge you get to request what the next challenge will be. Heck you can tweet one even if you just participate. However, if you don't want to that is ok. Normally, the request is some unique tactic you came up with or can do; however, it does not have to be. The only requirement is that an innovative strategy or tatic that you find challenging.
  6. Only requested challenges that are physically possible in the current game patch will be accepted. For example, no pistol kills of a vechile or getting a sundy next to the SCU in a bio lab as those are no longer possible thanks to game fixes. If for some reason, an old challenge become impossible then a new one will be issued.
  7. To win you have to be one of the first people to tweet to Talron @TXR_Outfit or @TXR_Talron. Because it takes time to process tweets and Talron record, expect about 1 - 2 weeks of time to complete each challenge before the next is issued.
  8. When their are too few challenges for that challenge period, then Talron, at his discretion can add a new challenge. This way we weed out creative but not very innovative or fruitful tatics.
So do you think you have what it takes to complete the Talron challenge?
P.S. This actually all started due to the awesome videos Luperza likes on youtube. I wanted to help encourage players to be innovative and I know Talron does too.

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Re: The Talron Challenge

=P Fun!!
Margaret "Luperza" Krohn
@MargaretKrohn | Friday Night Ops

Note: All my posts are mine and mine alone. They have not been reviewed or approved by Sony Online Entertainment (“SOE”), and they do not necessarily reflect or express the views of SOE itself.
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Old 2013-03-07, 08:08 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
Re: The Talron Challenge

Aww Thanks Luperza

Well their is an 8th rule, I forgot to post, which I had to add, but its pretty minor. Its mainly because we are already getting challenge suggestions from people XD. Still people who complete the challenge will come first

Also just so you guys know, Rak or RakRakRak. Has already accept the Talron Challege 1 ^_^.

P.S. Plus, its to encourage PencilPrick to join in the fun

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Old 2013-04-02, 09:38 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
Re: The Talron Challenge

Hey folks, just wanted to give you guys an update. After weeks of entries, we have 2 winners:

2nd Place: PencilPrick --
1st Place Rakhabit --

Rak is a well known moderator for Luperza
Honarable Mentions: Swatz, Changes, freehugguy, and many many more...
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Old 2013-04-02, 09:42 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
Re: The Talron Challenge

Now its time for Talron Challenge 2...
Originally Posted by Changes
Fly a mossy, exit mid-air get a kill, then re-enter mossy before making contact with ground. (Must fly safely away and not crash after)

We already have a honorable mention QuadronTV ( Despite my over 2 tweets and 5 youtube mentions to QuadronTV, he has not tweeted at TXR_Outfit or TXR_Talron, and you technically cannot win unless you tweet.

So the first place prize is still open . Go out there and win Talron Challenge 2!

P.S. Because we only had 2 winners for 1, I am talking to Talron about a rules change to allow people to not have to do every challenge to win the current one, I will edit this and post on the main forums when I get his feedback. We also may soon be using the hashtag #PS2TC
P.P.S. In case your curious, Rak's challenge will probably be 3 or 4, due to the fact that Talron had already accept changes challenge before he posted 1.
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