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[NC - Mattherson] S.A.S Recruiting

Think of how you want to play Planetside 2. Just take a moment to think and decide what you really want to get out of it. Would you like working in an organized unit? Would you want to play as one of the “few” instead of one of the “zerg?” Do like the thought of being part of a small group that can make difference in the fight on Auraxis? My outfit is called S.A.S and we can do just that. The S.A.S, we trace our roots all the way back to Planetside 1. Where tactics were superior to numbers and you could achieve the goals you wanted with coordination and strategy. We still believe this ideal to be the core of our strength. We are the Scalpel on the battlefield. We are a small group that tries to make a difference in a big game. There is only a hand full of us left with 10-15 active on Ops nights. We aim to grab more like us who think decisive action and odd-ball strategies can help accomplish any goal. If you decide to join us you can look forward to a variety of fighting. We run small armor ops, specific-target drop ops, wolf pack harasser ops, no-fly zone ops, and reinforcement denial ops. We do a lot of behind the lines work. We have a lot of mature players and those who play only when they can where nights are the best time for gaming. However, we do run ops each week Fridays and Sundays. We are a casual group who welcomes players of all ages and skill levels. The bottom line is if you like the idea of making a difference in a small group with the organization of a big group then I welcome you to join us. Send me a PM or friend me in-game. Join us on Teamspeak and see how it suits you.
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  PlanetSide Universe > Community > Outfit Recruitment > New Conglomerate



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