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Terran Republic Special Operations Regiment

This is the official outfit recruitment guide for the Terran Republic Special Operations Regiment in PlanetSide 2 on the Emerald (US East) Server

Whether you're new to PlanetSide 2, or a veteran who is looking towards an outfit, you've undoubtedly saw how much better a squad, or an outfit work together compared to the Zergs (the large mass of infantry and vehicles who have no association with one another)

Outfits and squads are the backbone of PlanetSide 2. Joining the perfect Outfit is a must. Otherwise, you're taking orders from somebody you don't like, to do something you despise, to accomplish something you don't support. Where's the fun in that?

The Terran Republic Special Operations Regiment is a closely adapted community, with highly skilled members who conquer any territory and continent they're thrown into. They have perfected their driving, flying, fighting, sneaking, and everything in between to put their characters use to the max. In all honesty, the players behind the screens of each character on the battlefield, are all the same. No one person is "better" than another. However, one person can be smarter and put their certs into the right slots, nanites to the right use, and go to the perfect spot on the map in order to have a much bigger advantage over the enemy.

So what's the point in everything you've read so far? Well, that's just a little background info and something to think about when you play the game. Here is the real info you need on how to apply to TRSOR, what to put in your application, what you need to train beforehand, how we select who is accepted and who is not, and everything else there is to know.

What To Put In Your Application:
-List your personal info. Whatever you're comfortable listing. First name and Steam username is required, but everything else is what you want to put in.
-Your time spent on this particular TR character. Do NOT list your gameplay time on Steam. We will check this. If you genuinely have one character and all your Steam time has been spent on that character, we expect you to be very highly skilled with him.
-Your experience in the game. This is similar to the above, but this refers to how well you play. What class do you prefer? How many upgrades do you have in that class? What weapons have you bought/used/are good with? In a typical game, what is your K/D?
-Your skills in this game. Are you a good flyer with almost every upgrade to the Liberator/Galaxy/Mosquito? Are you a good armor driver, with your Lightning/Prowler almost entirely upgraded? Or perhaps you're a good infilitrator, with your light assault or infilitrator class almost fully upgraded?
-Your cons in the game. DO NOT SAY YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY CONS. THIS WILL IMMEDIATELY CAUSE YOUR APPLICATION TO BE DENIED. Are you a horrible flyer? A horrible armor driver? Do you usually die when on foot or in an enemy base? Are you a new player?
(Referring to the above: New players are and will be accepted. In fact, we prefer new players. TRSOR will force your old PlanetSide 2 habits out of you, and teach you the best and most efficient habits to use in the game. For older players, this will be more difficult, and training will take longer. For newer players, this is easier and training is shorter)
-Anything else at all that we should know about you. Are you a college student, who will frequently appear at random times, and will have to leave at random times? Can you only play for a set amount of time per day?

The Training
The training you receive before entering our outfit as a private will mold you into the most efficient soldier on the battlefield. The training is approximately 4-5 weeks, depending on how active you are. The only benefit with training, is that you enter training whenever you want, and leave whenever you want. Just know that you must train everyday that you're on, for at least 30 minutes. This means you can get on, train for 15 minutes, then leave and come back 2 hours later, for the last 15 minutes.
The training is led by a junior officer (you can think of him/her as your Drill Sargent). Overall, the Drill Sargent has the final say in whether you graduate. I can not override him/her.
The training will put you in tanks, MAX infantry, turrets (on Sunderers, Prowlers, and in aircraft), on the ground, and of course, you will pilot other aircraft to first evaluate your current skills, and to hone the skills that you need to improve. Habits that are inefficient will be forcibly worked out of you.

Training Overview: Week By Week

Week 1: For the first 2-3 days of week 1, you will be taken out in the field and accompanied by a member, so that they may evaluate your skills in the field. You will NOT be taken to small battles, and the member will NOT help you in any cases (he will not revive, repair, or fire a turret weapon while evaluating). These 2-3 days are the most crucial days, and have the most significant impact on whether you stay or are kicked out.
For the last 4-5 days, you will be trained in the VR Simulator (these are the only days where you MUST stay there for an hour, without leaving). In the VR, you will learn how each class operates the most efficiently, how each weapon works, how each aircraft handles, how each tank and ground vehicle manuever, and how to stay alive in the field. These 4-5 days will throw an insane amount of information at you, so don't be discouraged if you miss some. It will be reviewed in the later training.

Week 2:

All of week 2 is spent in the VR Simulator again, but this time, you are able to join and leave freely. All of week 2 reviews infantry movement (no vehicles whatsoever). You will learn each ability, each primary and secondary weapon, what each special weapon does, the certs required for every attachment, and the best way to deal with enemy infantry and armor.

Week 3:

Week 3 is a combination between VR Simulator training, and real combat training. Your superior officer will decide where you go. Some might spend all their time in VR, while other spend all their time in real combat. Either way, Week 3 puts your skills to the test. Recruits are expected to show their new knowledge on the battlefield in various ways (again, the exact expectations vary from officer to officer).

Week 4:

Week 4 is a lay back and relax (sort of) week. Most likely, you will be helping officers with new(er) recruits, teaching them the weapons, certs required, etc in VR Simulator. You will also be helping to teach them about the vehicles, aircraft, and MAX infantry suits.

Week 5 Day 1:

The first day of week 5 is the only day in week 5. You are promoted to a private, and are pushed into the battlefield to slain all those who oppose Terran Republic. Of course you have your superior to listen to, but I'll get into detail on that later in the post.

Promotions: The Requirements, Expectations, And Rewards

Promotions are extremely hard to acquire in TRSOR. A single promotion (excluding the promotions from recruit to private) is all that is likely to happen throughout the whole outfit. This means only one person will be promoted per month. Either way, here are the requirements as of December 1st, 2014 (they are likely to change. Ask a superior for the latest changes in promotion requirements)

Private -> Member: Dedication is key. A lengthy time of 90 days must be served, as well as showing signs of talent in battle, or acts of heroism (NOT BRAVERY). Superiors must agree that you have the skills required to lead a small squad (as all members do), and there also must BE a small squad for you to lead. (A tip is to work with new recruits in the VR Simulator. If they request you to lead them, there is a higher chance you will be promoted)

Member -> Officer: A total of 200 days must have been spent in TRSOR. Extreme signs of heroism, courage, skills, and leadership must have been portrayed in multiple battles. Both superiors (both leaders) must agree that you meet the expectations, and a vote between whichever members are active at the time you are reviewed will take place. 70% must agree that you are officer worthy. Upon being accepted, you will be placed in an additional training course, designed only for officers, to teach how to lead effectively. You will learn how to flank, how to rush, how to organize attacks, how to overpower, and overall, how to win battles. This training session is led exclusively by the junior leader himself, and takes 4-5 days to complete, with an additional 2 days to show what you have learned. (Beware, most officers do not actually see a lot of combat. You mostly stay back with Sunderers, or in aircraft, and give commands to members to follow. Granted, you DO indeed see combat, but mostly, you're running around, looking for flanking points and such, or looking for enemy sunderers. I say this because members and privates see the most combat, and once you're an officer, you cannot and will not be demoted at your request)

Officer -> Junior Leader:
I will likely only have 3-4 junior leaders (if the outfit gets large enough, I will have more)
First of all, do not ask to be promoted to a Junior Leader. This will immediately prevent you from doing so. Junior Leaders are hand picked by me, and the other leaders present during the time.

General Requirements, Rules, Etc

-Absolutely no bullying, sexual harassment, harassment of any kind, purposely team killing, or sabotage.
-As we heavily follow military tradition, always listen to your superior, no matter how ridiculous or stupid a command may sound.
-Active daily. If you know you will be inactive for days on end, inform us, and we will note it down so you are not kicked. You do NOT have to give a reason for inactivity, just tell us you will be inactive for so-and-so days. Otherwise, any inactivity longer than 3 days will result in demotion, and 5 days results in a kick.
-We understand if your friends want to join the outfit, and we welcome them. However, if you are an officer assigned to lead a group of recruits through training, and your friends happen to be among the recruits, they are expected to be treated exactly the same as everyone else. You are expected to teach them the same thing you're teaching the other recruits. If we are informed that you passed a friend of yours and promoted them to a private, despite them failing miserably (or you let them slack through training), even if this is only a rumor, you will be immediately demoted and it will be investigated. If the rumor is false, your position of officer is restored. If the rumor is true, you have 2 choices. Be a private for the rest of your time in TRSOR, or leave and join an opposing outfit.

General Requirements:
-A microphone. This is a must have. Also, don't get a low quality microphone that has static and white noise. Spring for the $30 microphone that is somewhat decent, and use push-to-talk.
-TeamSpeak 3. As of December 1st, 2014, our TeamSpeak server is being set up. Once available, it will be listed publically. Until then, use the ingame chat.
-A sense of humor. Despite how serious this outfit seems to be run, once you are out of training and on the field, everybody will be talking, making jokes, etc. Do not act 100% serious and ruin all the fun. Make a joke. Make other laugh. Have a good time. It is a video game after all.

If you have any questions, add me in-game at: JosephKurai (only one "i", not two). If they are longer questions, add me anyways and ask for my Steam Username.


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