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Re: Squad Remote Artillery Vehicles

Originally Posted by Saieno View Post
This was a quick concept (literally about 15mins) I did for the idea so it could maybe be implemented as a mod to the Lightning.

Nice job Saieno! &

Anyway this idea is perfect since it requires minimal work by the devs - Lightning is a common pool vehicle so it would require just a couple of new animations. Also it's better than noobish OSs (also I'm not for the remote part of the artillery since that's basically the same thing as OS).

Anyway this is how I suggest it should work. First you should unlock Arty cert for your Lightning and equip the tank with appropriate Arty gun. Next you should find a good position and deploy the Tank in Arty mode - this should take like 10 seconds or so (you should be able to redeploy it, like a siege tank).

When deployed you be able to either shoot directly at things within certain radius in your line of sight (i.e. if you deploy your Arty Lightning on a cliff overlooking the base you are assaulting) and you could do this solo.

Second option would involve being able to shoot at things indirectly (i.e. from behind a hill) however this option should require a bit of teamwork from a spotter. Basically a spotter should be an Engineer with a deployable camera instead of one of his usual gadgets. When camera is deployed by the Engy and idle all Arty Lightning gunners within a certain radius area should be able to take control of it and use it to shoot indirectly. Camera should be able to rotate 120 degrees left-right and should be bullet-proof (to prevent snipers from disabling it) however explosive type damage should make quick work of it. Engy who deployed it should get assist kills xp for every kill made by the camera he deployed.

What do you think guys?

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Re: Squad Remote Artillery Vehicles

While an artillery variant for the Lightning could work pretty well, I think a dedicated vehicle could be better.

One advantage to a dedicated artillery vehicle would be the ability to put a lot more customization in. It would be easier and less awkward to add a large variety of ammunition on a "purpose-built" SPG than add an equivalent number of varients to sort through on the Lightning(which will already have other weapon options).

And a variety of ammunition, i think, would be key to artillery implementation. Tactical ammunitions keep it from being limited to spamming explosives into a base hoping for kills to working with other players to provide different advantages along with simple fire support. Artillery could fire all sorts of specialty shells to make things more interesting. Penetrators for massive damage on direct hits vs Airbursting shells for better radius, smoke shells for cover, emp rounds, flares, etc. I could see being able to select 2 ammo types in a load out, so the arty has some flexibility.

I do think that drawing looks badass though. And I bet somesort of MLRS Sunderer would look pretty awesome-even if it doesn't quite make sense.
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Re: Squad Remote Artillery Vehicles

I'd even go far as making each faction specific artillery design; VS likes their high-tech toys so make theirs shoot massive, slow moving plasma-projectiles; TR likes things with high attack speed - and more barrels the better so give them sort of MRLS/Grad-alike rocket-battery; and NC last but not least get the 1~2 barrel massive cannon-on-tracked-flatbed.

Even considered sketching some concepts for those, and seeing general quality of art around here they wouldn't be that much worse.. Mhm. Mental note to do that.

ed: And on that note - anyone fancy some TR MRLSs?

(9+18 rockets - that should be enough.. right? Also don't think it got transparency for the logo right, and I'm far too lazy to fix that.)

Think some of these were mentioned around the thread already, but here's the list of what I thought the vehicles should be like:
*Slow moving tracked(/hover for VS) tank with positions for driver(that turns into commander when deployed) and arced AA/AI gunner position.
*Deploying 15~30 seconds and 5~15 seconds for un-deploying - these things really require testing with such vehicles in-game to make them fair. Either way you'll need to coordinate the attacks with artillery squads since they can't just pop a tank out of factory and barrage enemy base instantly.
*Un-deployed small enough to fit in narrow bases/transported in Loadstar(assuming they ever give those back ) - deployed big enough not to fit in general base areas.
*Maximum range of 750-1500 meters. No minimum range other than splash radius damage for own vehicle/arming time for shell/rocket so it'd be kinectic damage only if you shoot too close/direct fire. This so you could defend your position, but pulling it off would require skill - ALOT of skill.
*Dumb-fire is in-accurate, still deadly and work as area-denial assault&soften enemy sites.
*Lazed attacks would be accurate (within reason for each faction specific weapon type; ie. TR hail of 20 rockets would be less accurate than NC 1~2 shells "salvo" or VS 1 plasmablob, but still yeild relatively same amount of damage in the area.)
*Customizing the vehicle probably wouldn't really change the model (other than TR getting more rocket-pods if there's option for higher attack speed) but have 2 different slots for ammo - out of dozens?

You've all seen what the night fights look like. Now imagine that with a salvo of rockets to start the Prowlers' assault..

Actually I think there'd be more support roles for artillery vehicles as well. Say you could deploy massive flares on the area that would interfere enemy AA and/or give your faction short-time light increment on the area. Slow falling flare that is big enough for everyone to see and possible to shoot down? I'd still use them. Even defensive artillery could shoot flares around defended base to make ground troops easier to spot&enemy AA less effective. Or recall devs mentioning there's going to be smoke to mask movement? Salvo of smoke shells/rockets to help friendly units move in. There's so many things you could add under different ammo types ranging from dumb-fire anti-infantry HE/frags, more precise anti-armor to various types of support like the flares, smokes, EMPs, promiximity explosives, bottled squirrels, etc..

Considering the massive damage potential such vehicles should be more of "end-game" certification wise, either following tank certs(&SL/Infiltrator for getting lazing equipment for FOs) - or even only accessable in outfit specialized for artillery support.

This is actually another thing that I've been wishing for PS2; outfit researchable certificates - and artillery would fit in there just right.

(Before someone comes to tell me I didn't play PS1; I did. Since the beta and for years after it. I'm still amazed how few Galaxies I managed to crash when transporting troops in NA server - playing from Europe. )

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