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Old 2012-06-19, 11:34 PM   [Ignore Me] #16
super pretendo
First Sergeant
Re: Continent Ideas

Ewok-stytle continent would be cool. With massive version of giant sequoia trees, and walkways, and some clearings to mix it up
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Old 2012-06-20, 01:48 AM   [Ignore Me] #17
Re: Continent Ideas

Originally Posted by super pretendo View Post
Ewok-stytle continent would be cool. With massive version of giant sequoia trees, and walkways, and some clearings to mix it up
This 1 thousand times. Would be awesome. Or Kashyyyk style. (Can't remember how many y's are in it)
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Old 2012-06-20, 05:40 AM   [Ignore Me] #18
Re: Continent Ideas

Originally Posted by Rexdezi View Post
forgive my newbery... Trammel is a PS2 dev too?
Trammell Issac, TRay, GQ Vanu poster boy, and PS2 Art Director.
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Old 2012-06-20, 07:10 AM   [Ignore Me] #19
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Re: Continent Ideas

Originally Posted by Toppopia View Post
This 1 thousand times. Would be awesome. Or Kashyyyk style. (Can't remember how many y's are in it)
I believe it's Kashyyyyyyyyyyyyyk :P (lol nah its Kashyyk, 2 y's)
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Old 2012-08-07, 07:14 PM   [Ignore Me] #20
Re: Continent Ideas

I decided to do some digging and found this thread, and if I had found this before, I
wouldn't have created a new thread for this idea:

According to the planetside lore, there should be a whole bunch of orbital stations surrounding Auraxis, so perhaps we can have one 'continent' whose terrain is replaced with SPAAIIICE, and whose bases are replaced with those orbital stations and really big capital ships, and even some asteroids as capture points.

It would add a fresh spin to the strategy and gameplay as emphasis would be placed on air strategy- since aircrafts would be the only form of transportation to those bases; infantry would still be just as important because they would still be the guys landing on and capturing the floating bases -all the while the three factions are warring it up a la the opening scene of Star Wars episode 3, for air superiority, so that their Galaxy drop ships can get through to land those troops and capture the base.

This could even be a more viable solution to the 'naval warfare' dilema, which seems to demand a whole lot more resources, developement and rebalancing than the Dev team may want to afford, so it kills two birds with one big, heavy, ACME, awesome, stone.

it must be done.

Some of those bases can have generators and/or power cores at the center that attacking aircraft have to fly deep into the base to destroy, which could then impact battles on other continents. Imagine being the ace pilot that navigated narrow passageways, dodging enemy fire, then destroying the generator and giving your faction a major win.

EDIT: and for the uber growth forest continent idea, leave a small amount of space between the trees so that crazy pilots like me who LOVE flying in places that aren't meant to be flown in, can put our skills to the test

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Old 2012-08-07, 08:07 PM   [Ignore Me] #21
Staff Sergeant
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Re: Continent Ideas

would like sea units at some point. and to go with those units a continent that is mainly, or at leasst half water.

setup could be a whole bunch of inter connected islands as someone mentioned, or my idea would be an inland sea like something from command and conquer. the center would be a sea with various sied islands while the sea would be surrounded by land. would promot air, land and sea combat as well as infantry. there could also be certs for water travel as infantry or land vehicles so that you can enter and travel through the water as anything.
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Old 2012-08-07, 09:43 PM   [Ignore Me] #22
Re: Continent Ideas

A subterranean area would be interesting. Built into the side of a mountain leading into it, gutted out with pocks of light streaming through cracks in the surface. Or even a volcano to, forgive the pun, "spice up" the action with environmental hazards.
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Old 2012-08-07, 11:43 PM   [Ignore Me] #23
Re: Continent Ideas

I really like the idea of the forest with the huge trees. Maybe there could be a few roads connecting some of the bases so vehicles could get through but they would be very vulnerable to ambush?
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Old 2012-08-08, 07:04 AM   [Ignore Me] #24
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Re: Continent Ideas

I really like the city idea. U could add underground areas like subway tunnel and stations or sewer systems (it would make for some really nice close quarter combat). Perhaps even subterranean bases??
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Old 2012-08-08, 08:22 AM   [Ignore Me] #25
Staff Sergeant
Re: Continent Ideas

I don't care too much about aesthetics, or how the PS2 devs would choose to justify the science behind this idea, but I would very much like to see a continent with moving (rotating) warp-gates.

There's no doubt that static warp-gates (as seen on Indar) will reinforce a region, and will most likely be surrounded by a group of hexes of the same faction at all times.

But what if you took one large central continent, surrounded by ocean with a very strong current. Three islands would be caught in this current; slowly circling the central continent. This way a warp-gate would never be the center of a faction's territory, and the distribution of hex-control on the main continent would be much more sporadic and random.

With islands however, a big concern becomes ground vehicles. There are three ways you could handle this.

1. No connection to the central continent. The only way to get over there is with aircraft. In order to get hold of a ground vehicle, your faction must first secure a facility on the main continent.

2. Occasional link-up with the central continent. Once every other hour (or so) all three islands would link up with three branches sticking out from the central continent simultaneous, giving them a short time to amass a large ground-force and roll across to the main continent.

3. Constant access. A bridge, or something, could protrude from each island and reach over to the main continent. Allowing access at all times.

All three I think could be interesting, since they would all result in hex distribution that would have a huge impact on tactics.
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Old 2012-08-08, 09:34 AM   [Ignore Me] #26
Staff Sergeant
Duskguy's Avatar
Re: Continent Ideas

everyone keeps asking about a forest map with big trees.... i was wondering whether or not you realise there will be a desertish map, an ice tundra type map and a rainforest type map.

and if you realize that there will already be a map with a rainforest, would the only thing different be the size of trees? because that could be a bit redundant.

on the other hand as i mentioned, i would like a water map, but i thought of another thing that would be interesting. a mixed map.

a map with an area of huge forests which would appease all of you asking for one, and it could be bordered against a big city area with the border having a bit of a no mans land of tree stumps. the city would consist of buildings of all sizes, roads and alleyways.
and it would have a highway or two that stretch off to smaller or larger cities. the highways could be surrounded by thick small tree forests, or a continuation of the large tree sequoia tree like forest. the highways could also run through canyons, it could be elevated above small forests or rivers.
there could be a desert plain area the highway goes through as well which you could get to by simply leaving the road.
one of the branches of road could lead to a mountain where a cavernous tech lab or something is located, which would then appeal to the underground enthusiasts
and to satisfy those who simply want bridges and islands over boats, there could be a highway that splits off to multiple islands, like an interstate with various exits for different islands.

each of these areas would be a big contested zone with caputure points.
-the city would have hospitals (small health boost to controlling faction in the area), research centers (cheaper vehicles/upgrades in th area) etc.
-the forest... not sure what kind of facilities could be located here. perhaps look out posts which allow for longer lasting spotting or something to do with better sight at night.
-the desert, they already have a desert with facilities, so they could carry some over and just re model them to be different.
-the cave area could have a whole research station and living area with enclosed areas like an office building setting and the facilities could be stuff to do with armor regeneration rates, resource extraction rates, shield regeneration rates, basically all things for over time regen or something.
-the islands could surround a large biodome island, and each have a small tech lab or something, and would be accessed only by bridge and air.
-the highways themselves could become choke points between areas where they are surrounded by cliffs (above or below), forests, bridges, etc. between areas, which would allow factions to try and trap oppossing factions in or the defending faction to keep opposing factions out. of course all the roads wouldnt be choke points, there would be plenty of places to simply drive off the road and go around if another faction blocked the roads. the roads could also provide say 5% movement speed to any ground unit driving on them, which would be the incentive to using them at the cost of ambush.

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Old 2012-08-08, 09:37 AM   [Ignore Me] #27
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Re: Continent Ideas

What I would like is a continent almost entirely composed of volcanoes, basalt and volcanic activity. This won't just be a volcano every 3 feet, the biggest volcano will be at the centre of the continent, with a lonely resource refining facility clinging off the side.
Since the continent is half-molten and slightly unstable, it is taking resources from the planets core and forcing them to the surface, making facility's near or around a volcano or lava stream worth more than those in barren lava plains.
Facility's may be on top or above a volcanoes rim, with a few spots where you could fall down and kill yourself in lava, or on the side, with a single lonely road leading up for vehicle movement. (BTW this brings up a point: If there is lava in PS2, how will it work? It shouldn't be an insta-kill, i think that it could lower your shields and health rapidly.)
the area between volcanoes will be composed of basalt plains, jagged rocky regions, and lava rivers.

And bonus points for SOE if every so often, a volcano erupts, sewing lava everywhere and spilling black soot out, making artificial night.
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Old 2012-08-09, 04:57 AM   [Ignore Me] #28
Re: Continent Ideas

I really like the Urban/city continent idea. It should be noted though that most if not all the buildings should be able to be entered by infantry to put more emphasis on infantry combat
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Old 2012-08-09, 04:11 PM   [Ignore Me] #29
Re: Continent Ideas

Maybe a place with a lot of volcanoes like a molten continent. Oh and there would be large ass eruptions from those volcanoes.
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Old 2012-08-10, 09:32 AM   [Ignore Me] #30
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Re: Continent Ideas

I love it. I can't wait until this game is so huge that they'll have to start producing more content, and continents.

A whole continent of lava and such, definitely awesome. I was trying to figure out how that would fit into the lore and such, maybe if there were some other planets in the system or something? That would be cool. And when they add all the water and marine stuff, then lava can be the water-of-instant-death some of the old-timers will be hollering for by then.

The urban / city environment idea is fantastic. And as far as lore goes, I was under the impression that this was a bit of a reboot, so lore is all up in the air anyway? Besides, didn't they rewrite it to put those funny caves in? We'll they can rewrite it to put some badass stuff in too. Like, the continent that was happily populated before we all knicker-twisted ourselves into the perpetual war.

So I had this idea of a large city (not a whole cont, maybe a few dozen hexes) that was interconnected by some sort of rail transport. Half a dozen stations, several base complexes, plus outlying capture points. I had the vision of a bunch of 40 maxes equipping up and loading onto some futuristic subway, then crashing out and stomping down the street to take some city capture point. Sweeeet...
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