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Old 2012-11-17, 12:32 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
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The Command Liberator

Reasoning: I have noticed a complete lack of commanding tools for commanders, therefor I have come up with this neat idea.

Idea: Having an add-on for the Liberator bomber seat that allows you to command you're troops from above using you're mouse like an RTS view, IE Selecting troops and ordering them to move, setting overall targets, requesting ammo and healing to a certain location, ex.

Ammo Drops: This ability should be unlocked through the CR tree, have a 20 minute cool down and, only be able to be used through the command Liberator.

Med Crates: Same as Ammo

Orbital Strikes: Extremely far down the CR line you can cert into OS's for anyone that doesn't know these are basically big artillery strikes, they should cost 400 of every resource to use and be on a 5 hour cool down. They should also only be able to be accessed through the command Liberator

Subscribing: If there is a command Liberator flying over head you can use the Coma Rose to subscribe to that commander, everyone in the commanders squad automatically is subscribed. This will prevent spamming of orders and anyone that doesn't want to participate doesn't have to. If a squad leader subscribes to the commander the entire squad gets pulled in with the squad leader.

Command View: This command view will work like any other RTS command view, the only difference will be the limited view range of the battlefield, you will only be able to see 400m in a full circle around the liberator, it doesn't matter how high or low the Liberator is flying the command view can still only see 400m around the Liberator on the ground. You can only see inside buildings if you have troops(Under you're control) in that building.

Commands: You can select any troops that are subscribed to you and tell them where to move on the battlefield VIA way points. You can set an overall attack order for you're troops. You can set sub attack orders for specific squads under you're command. If a squad is requesting support you can confirm the request and light them up on the map for friendlies to see the request or deny it this includes, evacuation orders, medic requests, ammo requests, armor requests, and recon requests.

Summery: I believe this idea would be a great addition to the game, and be a great load of fun for those commanders out there. This idea has all the balance and checks it needs to be a good addition to the game, the lib can be shot down by AA and Air so please don't try and tell me this would be OP.
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Old 2012-11-17, 12:56 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: The Command Liberator

Interesting ideas, that's pretty much what they already do with waypoints, but with an improved interface to make issuing commands easier and more fun, i like it.

Though i think giving out commands should probably be done even on foot through the map interface, so commanders wouldn't need to wait for a lib on CD just to issue simple orders. For OS and other stuff like that i think it'd be an interesting limiting factor if they had to be in a lib.
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