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Post 3.0.27 Planned For Wednesday 3rd November

Sporkfire has announced that the 3.0.27 patch should be released tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd) at around 3am PST (details of which can be found here)

He also goes on to explain the reasoning behind the BFR decisions that have been taken by the development team and what they are aiming for with these new changes and future observation. Here's a small snippet:
In the course of bringing BattleFrame Robotics into play, we have had ongoing phases of change and evaluation. The aim is to keep BFRs as a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, but one that, by itself, has sufficient counters that an unsupported BFR unit does not have a significant life expectancy. Unsupported BFRs that rush headlong into the enemy lines should meet quick and explosive ends. The long buy timer should give BFR pilots pause to consider their attacking routes and to seek out other players to support it.
The rest of the large post can be found here

The patch notes have also been released.
* Halloween pumpkins have been removed.
* Cavern facility resecures will count toward BFR imprinting. Since resecures will award less experience than captures, the experience requirement for imprinting is less for a resecure. Only one resecure in a 20 minute period will count toward BFR imprinting.
* Reduction in BFR shield regeneration designed to reduce its battlefield staying power. BFR vs. BFR balance will change with a 1 on 1 able to bust through each other's shields in 25-35 seconds (currently 40-60 seconds, depending on pilot accuracy).
* Set BFR Batterdown time (the duration the BFR shield stays down after being reduced to 0 absorption) to 1.5 seconds for Gunner variants, 2 seconds for standard BFRs and 3 seconds for Flight variants.
* BFRs shields regenerate more slowly during their battered down period. Increased the time the BFR shield stays down once it is "beat down". This is intended to moderately reduce the BFRs ability to run away.
You can find the rest of the release in our patch notes section.

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