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wasp guide

Well watching Planetside 2 with now most aircraft having A2A missles and seing the new Scyth which is nimble but looks like the softest of targets, Ive been trying to pratice on what Planetside 1 aircraft that would more than likely be the Scyth as I play Vanu, similair features to include weak armor lock on missles, nimble handeling, weak armor well you get it.

but since it is hard to find tips on flying wasps and I find it verry hard to do sucessfully well I talk about some tips and considerations I learned while flying it and how I finnaly learned how to kill with those things after dozens of times dieing.

Some stuff goes for all aircave not just wasps but save afterburners. Never burn to a fight as you might need to burn away just to have enough time to bail and surge to the nearest tower.

Your armor is weak, so weak 1 decimator round will destroy you, AP ammo becomes your worse enemy at low altitudes, and AA Maxs will ignore the liberators and reavers because you would be such an easy kill. If a mossie sneazes on you you are dead. So if you are taking damage already, you are dogfighting WRONG. Your only defense is to NOT get hit. Charge shields every chance you have because it only takes 3 seconds but all that is is to give you another second to bail when the fight is going bad.

Don't underestiate your chain gun. I have tried an ALL missle loadout in the wasp and only to find that it is better to keep 1 box of chain gun ammo. The reason is that the Missles TTK are so slow. You can only fire a salvo of 2 then wait for a reload and odds are the AA MAX who just released several SAMs at your target will get the kill. Be patient with lining up the shots so that all your round will hit. You will be suprised what you can blast through with that short fireing chain gun. (if done properly it can also instagib a softie on the gound). Heck I even killed an AA MAX with 2 bursts from it when I came up behind.

Do not fight at odds worse that 1 on 1. IF there are more aircraft than you in the air you will lose, if you see an enemy closing in you are in trouble. Get on its side and blast away with the chaingun. Bail do not flee, nothing worse than a mossie or a reaver on your six just spamming bullets ate you and because your armor is so weak all it takes is 3 to 7 lucky hits and you are toast. Do not be suprised if you find out your wasp got shot down by a liberator. Best to stay close to lines and with other friendly aircraft so that the enemy would have other targets to keep him busy.

Your primary targets are Liberators and Vultures, If you are fighting Mossies or Wasps make sure you get the first hit. you want a mossie at less than half armor before you get engaged, als if you can get them to flee that is even better, nothing makes more of a dead pilot than an aircraft trying to run away from a wasp lock. Also if you get close or their health is real low then switch to chaingun to secure the kill. Send missles to knock the armor down as much as possible but the chaingun you will find will be what finishes them off. Pratice good leading techniques.

Ignore Galaxies, the TTK for a Mossie to kill a Galaxy is forever and for a Wasp it is even more. Those are best targets for liberators and reavers. If one is already being engaged by friendly aircraft feel free to shoot a couple of missles at a distance to help take it down faster. But if you are alone then tell you team what awful thins is on its way and forget it. the only thing you would end up doing is provide shooting pratice for the Gal's tail gunner.

Implants, some of the best implants to use with Wasp,

Surge; this is not to be a better pilot as much as a SERE tool. You take damage, you bail out before you blow up, you run to the nearest safe spawn tube be an AMS a tower or back to base before who ever shot you down relentlessly hunts you for that kill you denied him.

Adv Targeting; knowing the enemy's armor is the best thing to do. It will tell you when to switch from A2A missles to chain gun, which aircraft to go for and which ones to ignore and let the AA MAXs wittle them down a little before you finish them off. It will also tell you when you are losing, which is if you get hit before they are less than half armor.

Rang Mag; this is more of a ID tool than a dogfighting tool. It helps you find aircraft at slightly longer distances so you can close in and wait to ambush them by suprise, but thanks to the alpha blending being at such a close range do not expect to snipe A2A missles with a rang magnifier implant. Sure it may help you keep a lock at a fleeing aircraft while keeping your distance from a tail gunner or enemy AA, but it dose not increas the range of the A2A lock. Also don't switch 2 A2A unless you are sure it is an enemy aircraft, once they see the words Wasp Missle lock they know you are there and where to find you if they want to switch from Prey to Predator, you best chance for keeping on top of the food chain is to kill them before they get a chance to striek back.
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