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Old 2013-01-05, 06:46 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
Defense: Mobile Shield Generators

There should be 'disposable' mobile shield generators, only transportable via Galaxy (or maybe Sunderer) which can be deployed at any place. It would provide a huge shield dome over anything it is deployed on (even a small outpost), but only for a limited amount of time. Once the time is up, the generator is destroyed.

- I it would prevent an instant recapping of a base and would add a sense of persistence to the game.
- It Is a valuable cargo, one that the opposing force should be able to capture.

It would help an outnumbered force to have a chance against an overpowering enemy. Here is where tactics and strategy comes in, protecting the generator convoy, looking out for it to capture or destroy, spec-ops generator capture teams behind enemy lines and so on ...

The generators can only be produced at the warp-gates. That means the bigger the territory, the longer the distance the generator has to be transported. An outnumbered force with a smaller territory can therefore deploy the generator much faster and thus has a small advantage over its overpowering enemy.

EMP Device:

To avoid prolonging the conquering of a continent, there needs to be a countermeasure to the MSG (Mobile Shield Generator). The Electromagnetic Pulse Device reduces the Mobile Shield Generators lifespan and disables all ground and air units in its radius for a short amount of time. It also can only be deployed by a Sunderer.


There is a huge Zerg approaching an outpost, recently capped by a small squad. The squad sees the impending doom and has only one option, deploy a Mobile Shield Generator - It will buy time until reinforcements arrive. The Mobile Shield Generator will prevent any vehicles and air units from passing through. Only infantry will be able to pass it. Outside of the shield generator, the enemy can not shoot in, but the defenders can shoot out (similar to the spawn room shields). This seems overpowered at first, but remember, the shield dome is huge - you can walk through anywhere.

The generator can only be stored/produced at the warpgate. ( ~ the Generator can only be deployed to a region bordering enemy territory ~ not sure about that yet ~) Because of the short distance from the warpgate to the outpost, the Shield Generator is quickly deployed, completely covering the outpost. The Shield lasts ~20 minutes.

The enemy Zerg has now the option to completely ignore the shielded outpost, attack via infantry, or deploy an EMP device. The EMP device weakens the shield, reducing its lifespan to 5 minutes. The EMP device can also only be produced the warpgate, and can only be transported and activated in a Sunderer (~ not via galaxy, it would nuke the planes electronics and drop the bird like a dead albatross).

Thinking ahead, the enemy Zerg, which is in fact not a zerg but an organized platoon, has already a well protected EMP Sunderer accompanying it. The EMP device is quickly deployed. Now, the defenders have the chance to to destroy the EMP Sunderer (c4, tank mines), recovering the shields original lifespan.

Being far outnumbered, the defending squad didn't manage to destroy the sunderer, but the 5 minutes were just enough to cry for help - A friendly platoon arrives, with lots of tanks.

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Re: Defense: Mobile Shield Generators

that is an amazing idea i wonder why no one saw this
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Old 2013-01-11, 08:39 AM   [Ignore Me] #3
Re: Defense: Mobile Shield Generators

This is good but I can see it getting abused. Maybe add a cooldown timer or a limit on how many a faction can have at a time. Other than that I agree that it would add some good dynamics to the game and make convoy operations a bigger part of the game along with ambushes.
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Old 2013-01-11, 09:36 AM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Re: Defense: Mobile Shield Generators

How about make the Galaxy the generator. But it is an expensive cert that eliminates all passenger capacity (leaves gunners). To make it stand out, add a AWACS style disc on the dorsal fuselage.

So it can only be used in places the Gal can actually land and should requires some sort of fuel charge to be operated, adding a logistics aspect to it. It should not prevent enemy infantry from entering the shield perimeter, but vehicles need to destroy it first.

Perhaps have the shield have different radius settings:

Broad: 20 meters or so, high (+25%) fuel consumption, low (-25%) hp threshold.
Normal: 15 meters or so, normal (+0%) fuel consumption, normal (+0%) hp threshold
Tight: 10 meters or so, low (-25%) fuel consumption, high (+25%) hp threshold.

Numbers to be adjusted for balance of course.
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