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Air/Ground Vehicle Strategy Guides

Hey. Koopa here, with various strategy guides for different vehicles. I've been a pilot since basically the start. I've been on all three empires, so I know what I'm talking about. Let's start out with the Mosquito.

Name: Mosquito
Common Pool
Role: Light Attack and Recon
Type: Air
Weapons: 12mm Machine Gun
Speed: Very fast

The Mosquito is probably the most balanced aircraft of them all. Having decent firepower, decent speed (the fastest of all the air vehicles now, anyway) and the special advantage of not being able to be seen on radar makes it an excellent choice to spend three cert points. However, it lacks in armor.

The Mosquito fairs pretty well in dogfights with other aircraft. It's agility and 12mm can rip a Reaver apart in a dogfight, if you're a good pilot. Air-to-ground combat isn't it's specialty, but can help. Plus, the accuracy of the Mosquito is great.

Mastering the Mosquito takes a lot of time, but once you do, it's deadly. Here are some strategies:

1. Don't Stand Still
This almost appeals to all air don't want to be standing still. You'll get stomped on by Deciminators, shoulder-mounted AV weapons, turrets, and other vehicles. Try to keep on the move as much as possible.

2. Attack from the Side
This attains to only ground vehicles. Try to attack not the front or behind of the vehicle, but the side. That way, if the vehicle has a gunner, it'll take longer for him to notice where you are. And, for a lot of vehicles, it's the biggest part, and you'll probably nail the most hits on it.

3. Pick on Someone your Own Size
Don't attack what you know can own you. Don't go attacking a Liberator (unless it's really damaged), because it has a lot of armor and you only have a 12mm, and a tailgunner might get you. Going after a Gal is a sheer waste of your time. You can attack tanks, but try to keep distance so they don't get you, especially Magriders.

4. Dropping
This works best for Infiltrators, but, you can drop from your Mosquito by pressing Alt and G. A good situation to do this is when a big tower battle is happening, fly over the tower and drop in and try to have the Control Console. Plus, you might want to drop when you're Mosquito is taking a lot of damage and you know you can't survive.

5. Repairs
Chances are you'll get damaged when you're riding in a Mosquito on a big battle. It's good to stick to a hit-and-run strategy. Attack, take maybe 3/4 of damage, then go back to either a friendly base or an air tower for repairs. If you don't know, the air pads now repair your air vehicles, so you can use them. If you have engineering, find a flat place to land, away from the battle, repair it, and head back in.

There's my first one. Feel free to post yours in this topic too.

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